What we do…

As a Freelance Digital Marketer, I specialize in a variety of well known marketing strategies and techniques for various companies.

I initially started this company out as a side hustle by testing the waters with different affiliate product promotions through paid digital advertising and various organic advertising methods across the various social media platforms.

The initial scope was to find products that I was passionate about and promote them.  Then I thought, why don’t I promote the very products that I use to propel my business to where it is today.   

So my campaigns now surround the companies that have trained me mentally, physically, and financially.  My subscribers trust and believe in the products that I promote out to them because they are the very ones that I have purchased and use to build my business based upon their business models. 

This has allowed me to build some very valuable digital assets that in time will be worth more than the front end sales that I am now getting.

They are my repeating customers that look forward to all of the content that I publish and products that I promote to them.

With email marketing on autopilot the strategy is providing me the time to be able to sit back and rethink my business plan and what new strategy could I incorporate to scale my business further as I pave the way towards a rising entrepreneur.

The conclusion that I have come up with is that I need to look deeper into SEO and how I could leverage it to expand in a different direction in addition to my existing freelance marketing businesses.

With the help of some new friends and fellow SEO experts, I’m now re-designing a new model that will  dig  deeper into SEO to expand my new digital real estate business.

Now with their guidance, I’m starting to develop SEO optimized digital assets also known as

Digital Real Estate Properties that I build, I own, and I control as Rentals for businesses.

These Properties are used as vehicles for 3rd party businesses to drive customer leads into their business with the hopes of having a high conversion rate.

With this new stream of warm customer traffic leads brought right to their doorsteps, new opportunities are now being discovered and exploited.

This in turn is generating a wealth of new revenue that the businesses occupying my properties are now receiving that they were not previously getting.

The plan here is to start locally by building various assets for a variety of different niches. With some strategic market analysis, I’m acquiring targets, planning a direct strategy and implementing with one objective, get these assets ranked to the top of these search engines to help any business for that specific niche to acquire leads.

These leads generate new money for their business thus helping me to negotiate a monthly retainer for my hard efforts. In time, I will be looking to expand this model and be able to scale broader than just local companies in my area.

My vision is to broaden the scope to reach out further throughout the entire state of California where the markets are open. Once this model has successfully achieved the targets and goals that I have set forth for the state,  I look to scale out further into neighboring states and eventually the entire country with some minor changes to the business plan.

If you are interested in boosting traffic and leads for you to convert into sales and hopefully long term repeating customers, give me a call, or leave me your contact details in the Contact Us Page.

I would love to talk to you about your business and where you are located at.  If your specific market is open, there might be a golden opportunity for you to boost your revenue and for us to establish a long term business relationship.  


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